Rubicon Theatre Company
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The Last Five Years Thu 01/29/15 To Sun 02/15/15
Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown Directed by Stephanie Coltrin Jamie Wellerstein, an attractive and slightly neurotic novelist; and Cathy Hiatt, an aspiring actress who is his "shiksa goddess," meet, are drawn together and then pulled apart by circumstances and choices. This compelling contemporary musical, which boasts a thrilling pop rock score by Jason Robert Brown (Songs for a New World), propels us backward and forward in time through the joys and sorrows of young love.
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe Wed 03/04/15 To Sun 03/29/15
By Jane Wagner Directed by Jenny Sullivan Stephanie Zimbalist makes her triumphant return to the Rubicon stage in this insightful/inciteful tour-de-force in which Trudy, a bag lady, takes us (and some intergalactic visitors) on a magical journey of discovery during which we ponder the meaning of soup, art, fried clams, and the colors of Howard Johnson's.
Copenhagen Wed 04/15/15 To Sun 05/10/15
By Michael Frayn Starring Emmy Award-winners Joe Spano and Bruce Weitz, Copenhagen transports us back in time to the mysterious 1941 meeting of German nuclear scientist Werner Heisenberg and Jewish physicist Niels Bohr at the height of World War II. This fateful event is revisited again and again, shrouded in a surreal, fluid dance, while we consider why we do the things we do.